4 Best Poker Cash Game Streamers to Learn From in 2022 07 Jan

In a time where streaming is possible on various platforms, poker has also found its place in the market, so some poker cash game players have decided to show their knowledge on their streaming channels.
What differs poker from video games or some other themed streams, is that we have to hide what we do in order to maintain an advantage over our rivals. So why do players reveal their secrets? Because streaming has become lucrative and there is a big monetary gain with expanding the brand of players, which is becoming increasingly important today.
Of course, the main reason why we watch streams is fun and relaxation, but are there players from whom we can learn something, ie expand our ideas and view on poker?
In our opinion the answer is that we can, we just need to know what we are watching and who we need to watch.
In this article, we will list the top 4 poker cash streamers that can give us useful information with great fun.


One of our personal favorites is Kalthorr. What is interesting about him, is that you won’t see any promo links on his twitch channel, nor any special marketing or branding.
What you can see at Kalthorr are streams that sometimes last for 6 hours where he mostly wins Leaderboards and grind rakeback.
He is also a sponsored GG Streamer that has gathered audiences for its relaxation, alcohol-influenced play, and simplicity. His specialty is volume and he is known as one of the biggest grinders in the world.

Kalthorr managed to complete the Partypoker Diamond Club Elite challenge in which he had to make a $ 200,000 rake in 12 months and was rewarded with 60% rakeback.
His graph shows about $25,000 profit in a month and we should not forget about $20,000 in rakeback.


Innerpsycho is one of the most popular NL cash game streamers that plays some of the highest possible limits like NL5K and NL10k and does it daily.
He has over 70,000 followers on his twitch channel and over 45,000 on his youtube channel.
His streams often start in the morning and last to somewhere around 3 hours. In that time you can see what the cash game looks like at the highest level and of course some huge pots.

Innerpsycho has been playing poker professionally since 2007 and started streaming in 2015. He has also been a member of GGTeam Russia since 2021.
The disadvantage of his stream is that it is in Russian language.  


PokerAmbition (The Wakko) also plays high stakes NL cash games on his streams and is a poker coach.
Streams are quite interesting with various guests joining and they talk about their views on poker with a live analysis of the hands played.
It is one of the better places when it comes to streaming where you can combine the comfortable with the useful and learn something with a relaxed atmosphere.
Wakko has a unique approach to poker and as a coach he can very well transfer his knowledge to players.
Also on the PokerAmbition Youtube channel, there is a lot of quality content with general tips on how to improve your poker career.


Ceegee87 is a professional poker player who currently plays 500 Zoom, which are considered one of the toughest possible games. He became a professional in 2008 and played mixed games and participated in 8 WSOP final tables in 6 different formats.
Ceegee has a very relaxed and quite solid theoretical style that may not be interesting to everyone, but is very useful to hear about his mindset on poker.
In the background of the stream you will hear Lo-Fi music and you can expect poker at the highest level without any stress.
What is very interesting is that Ceegee donates part of its poker winnings to charity.
Also if you collect 10,000 points on his twitch channel you can turn them into a “hand history review” of one hand.
If you are looking to get started as poker player and maybe even a streamer, please contact our support team for more information regarding special deals for grinders.