CoinPoker Review for 2022 05 Mar

After Tony G and his high roller friends set the new online pot record from $1,820,663 to $7,750,653, a massive hype has been created around CoinPoker.

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About CoinPoker

CoinPoker is an online poker room that is built on blockchain technology, which allows both poker players and cryptocurrency community members to enjoy fantastic value. It uses its own native currency called CHP, which allows you to play online poker safely, securely and comfortably. The site launched in 2017 with play money and switched to real money in 2018.

The website is very clean and organized, and incredibly easy on the eyes. It can be accessed from all over the world — including the US — and since they only accept cryptocurrencies, there is no need to worry about problems with banks. CoinPoker also does not force any KYC checks, meaning their users don’t have to worry about privacy infringements. Instead, cryptocurrencies that include USDT, ETH, and BTC along with the native CHF offer speed, security, and reliability.

How to Get Started

Starting to play at CoinPoker is extremely simple: just follow the link to download and install the app, then choose a username and set up your account. Once you’ve entered your basic information, you will get a verification email. There’s an extra verification step: you can choose between a phone number verification, in which you receive a code through an SMS, or a third-party KYC app called Civic, which you install and then scan a barcode to finish setting up your account.

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How to start playing?

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CoinPoker Games

From what we have seen in the last few days, there can be over 25 tables active at peak times across NL25-10k! Omaha is also played (up to 10 tables) at stakes from PLO200-5k, including PLO5 games.
It also offers a surprisingly robust amount of multi-table tournaments with 300+ player events starting every 15 minutes or so.
The reason behind CoinPoker’s strong tournament attendance is that many of the tournaments offer a free initial buy-in with an optional CHP re-buy.

The freeroll tournaments, which CoinPoker calls “freebuy” events, offer a couple of benefits for both players and the site. First off, they give players a chance to earn some free CHP to get started on the site. On CoinPoker’s side, the freerolls help build a player base and help distribute CHP.

Bad Beat Jackpot

CoinPoker has debuted a Bad Beat Jackpot that is active at every ring game table as long as a minimum of three players are dealt into the hand. It's funded by 5% of the rake taken from every table. In order to qualify, the losing and winning hands must both go to showdown, and both hole cards must be used in each hand to form the final five-card hand. In the case of four of a kind, the hole cards must be a pocket pair.

The strength of the hand needed to activate the BBJ depends upon the game type and the current size of the jackpot. In NLHE, you need AAAKK or better to lose at showdown, but this min hand strength decreases as the prize pool increases. When the pot reaches 4,000,000 chips, the qualifying losing hand drops to AAA55 or better.

Deposits and Withdrawals

To make a deposit at CoinPoker, press the wallet icon located near the top of the lobby just below your balance. The deposit form will then appear on your screen:

You can fund your account with CHP, ETH, USDT, or BTC. Because Bitcoin is the most familiar and widely used crypto-currency for online poker, we opted to make a Bitcoin deposit. You need to enter in the amount of BTC you wish to add to your account, and the system will automatically tell you how many CHP you will receive.
Choose “Deposit,” and you will see the address where you must send your coins in both text and QR forms. Now open up your Bitcoin wallet, and initiate the transaction for the stated amount to the address shown:

When there's one blockchain confirmation of your deposit, the appropriate number of CHP will be added to your account. There's no visual indication of a successful deposit; the additional CHP will simply appear in your balance.

There's no stated maximum for Bitcoin deposits.

VIP Deal and FREE 5 USDT

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How to start playing?

Contact us via one of the following options and you will be playing within minutes. Support team is at your disposal and will be happy to help you!