Review of Weekly Freerolls on PokerBros 2022 15 Apr

There is a lot of articles that guide you on where to find the best poker freerolls on online poker sites, but we will show you something new. In this article you can find out, which are the best weekly freerolls on PokerBros.

 1. Diamond Union

Step freerolls to their weekly main event run every day at the same time.

2. The Pod Union

80 seats are guaranteed in this daily freeroll on the Pod Union. The target tournament is the weekly MEGA 15K tournament.

3. Paradise Union

Clubs on paradise union run a daily 100 Freeroll, but more importantly a 5K Weekly Freeroll every Saturday. It is open to all players with no strings attached. It is truly a tournament every player that is looking for a starting bankroll on PokerBros should not miss.

4. RGS Union

Another place to find an amazing freeroll is on RGS Union clubs. They run free steps to bigger tournaments every day, but more importantly a 4K Freeroll that runs every Sunday. As we said before, it is open to all players with no strings attached!

5. Fish Tank Union

A few steps freerolls are also found in the very popular Fish Tank union. They run daily, just like on all the other unions.

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