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Online poker has never been so fun and action heavy as it is these days. We are able to play cards with people from all around the world in different poker apps. Pokerbros is one of the most popular ones right now and it's bringing a lot of excitement to the world of poker clubs.

Poker apps are the perfect solution for anyone who likes to play cards. If you only play when you have time or if you're full on professional player, you have to try it out.

Panamericana Union

We are introducing you one of the biggest networks/unions on Pokerbros, Panamericana. This union is offering a very wide selection of poker games, focusing mainly on NL Holdem and PLO. PLO5 is also becoming more and more popular, which is bringing to the tables even more action loving players who are not afraid to bluff all their chips.

NL Holdem tables have 5 different options of how many players can sit at a table. You can play on 3, 4, 5, 6 or 9-max tables, so with so many short handed options, action really is guaranteed in Panamericana union


Pokerbros’ vision is to offer players a great and fun experience.

Some of the interesting benefits are: Running Multiple Times, Early Bird and a very well designed poker client.

In the Panamericana Union you will find a really large amount of action taking place in various games such as No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha 5 cards, Pot Limit Omaha 6 cards, Open Face Chinese, and different types of MTTs.

Games start with blinds of 0.05/0.10 and run all the way to the highest limits of 25/50. The action runs through all the day, peak time of traffic is after 11am EST / 5am CET when American players start joining the tables.

There is a large selection of tables on different limits. This union offers a lot of action, games often take place on more than 100 tables. Below you can find number of active tables on a typical day during the week.

MTT players have a great choice as the tournament schedule is spread very well throughout the day. You will find a variety of tournaments with buy-ins ranging from 1 to 500 chips. Tournaments with different guaranteed prize pools take place through all day, some of them reach enviable numbers with more than 2000 players.

Lately Pokerbros started offering a very interesting game Sit & Go PKO hyper tournament with an entry fee of 10 chips and a maximum of 30 players.

The most outstanding tournaments that take place every day are:

  • Buy-in 20: 7k GTD
  • Buy-in 75: 10k GTD
  • Buy-in 5: 4k GTD
  • Buy-in 250: Freezeout 40k GTD
  • Buy-in 40: 40k GTD
  • Buy-in 100: 15k GTD


If you love to play poker, you will enjoy a lot playing in Pokerbros app. Panamericana union is one of the best choices right now, since games are very soft with lots of action. Players are throwing chips around as if it would be already Christmas.

How can you start playing in Pokerbros?

Contact us via one of the following options and you will be playing in minutes:

Our support team is at your disposal and will be happy to help you.
Good luck at the tables!

Author: Greg

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