Review PPPoker Liga Suprema Union October 2021 13 Oct

PPPoker one of the most popular and trusted poker applications, entered the market in 2017 and revolutionized the online poker industry.

Conceived for playing with virtual chips, PPPoker quickly became famous as a venue for real money private games. There are hundreds of PPPoker clubs from all over the world. Brazil, Mexico, United States, Russia, Singapore, Europe. Over the past 4 years, many of them have grown into large companies with games running 24/7, featuring action from low to high stakes.
Key unique features of the PPPoker app:

  • The ability of opponents is much, much lower than in regular rooms and is closed to live games.
  • All tables are arranged vertically, the client is tailored for mobile devices.
  • Third-party software (HUD) is available to display statistics in real-time.
  • Deposits and withdrawals are made through agents using cryptocurrencies and other payment processors through personal P2P transfers.

PokerPro has access to many different clubs and unions, so our users have access to 20 clubs classified into 15 different unions.

Liga Suprema Poker Union

Today we are introducing you the biggest union on PPPoker, The Liga Suprema Poker Union. It has been the biggest union in Brazil for quite some time now and is now also named the biggest in the world, being present in more that 70 countries!
Our two partners in Liga Suprema are clubs Fichasnet2 and Five Cards 3.

ID: 898234
Ref ID: 3274498

Five Cards 3
ID: 3030014
Ref ID: 3274498

Liga Suprema union offers a variety of games at low to medium. Most games are played on NLH and PLO tables, but there is also an interesting selection of PLO5, PLO6, OFC, MTT and SNG tables.

If you are a low to mid stakes PLO grinder, then this is the perfect place for you, as you will find an incredible amount of soft action throughout the day.

Suprema Poker offers a great tournament schedule as well with over 50 tournaments every day, ranging from low to high buy-ins in NLHE or PLO5 format.

It is time you start playing in Liga Suprema and receive great additional rewards when playing with us.

We recommend you contacting us to get more information about the games and anything else needed for your comfort play. Games are incredible and very profitable.

How to start playing?

Contact us via one of the following options and you will be playing within minutes. Support team is at your disposal and will be happy to help you!

Good luck at the tables!

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