The best small stakes NL Holdem online poker rooms in 2021 30 Sep

Getting into online poker has never been easier as it is nowadays. Players have a variety of online poker rooms to choose from and educational material is available with a click of a mouse. It is true that online poker endured some heavy times in the past few years but its overall popularity has been increasing steadily; the joy, the excitement, the competition it brings have made online poker persist and even grow in popularity over time.

The numbers differ from various sources, but there are surely at least 40 million people playing poker worldwide, with 15 million of those being online players. The game rapidly grows in popularity in the Asian markets and numbers are growing day by day.

Learning poker nowadays is as simple as browsing any other random information on Google. You have various poker forums, poker training sites, online poker courses, Youtube videos on poker and not to mention that with the streaming platform Twitch on the rise, online poker got an amazing channel to become even more mainstream. With so many valuable sources of information on poker, it may actually be really hard for players to start learning poker systematically and a good basic guide on learning might be in order. 

Today we want to present you with the best possible options on where to start playing Small Stakes poker.

As with information about poker, even choosing the right online poker room can be a challenge for players nowadays. There are so many options to choose from, new poker rooms are surfacing on a daily basis and deciding on where to play small stakes poker can be a really tough decision. You want to take different factors into consideration: traffic, variety of games offered, promotions, ease of transactions, etc. But fear not, here at PokerPro we prepared a short list of, what we believe, are best poker rooms to play small stakes poker nowadays.

We have taken all those factors into consideration, along with the special promotions you are able to take advantage of as a PokerPro player.


partypoker is nowadays almost a synonym for poker. It was launched back in 2001, which means it has almost a 20-year-old outstanding tradition and is one of the most respectable online poker providers in the world.

Choosing Party Poker to play small stakes can never be a bad option in any aspect. Being one of the biggest online poker sites means you will always have tons of traffic so playing your favourite games will never be a problem. 

You will have no problems finding plenty of tables up to NL100 and the same goes for their fast poker variant, Fast Forward poker. 

Along with an outstanding traffic on small stakes, there are other great reasons to play on Party Poker. This year they have made a total overhaul of the design of both, lobby and poker tables. The tables now are sleek, fast, highly customizable and offer a great user experience.

Recently, Party Poker has made all their cash game tables anonymous, rendering poker tracking software useless. While professionals and grinders will find this feature not in their favour, it is certainly a step in the right direction towards protecting recreational players and therefore making the games softer.

On top of all that, Party Poker offers an amazing VIP program that recently introduced the Diamond Club Elite, which can net you up to 60% cashback! Obviously achieving this top tier level will be next to impossible by only playing small stakes, players can still expect to get great cashback, credited to their account weekly. 

If you sign up at Party Poker through PokerPro, you will also get access to other exclusive PokerPro offers, such as free $30 in tickets, you will be able to participate in our monthly exclusive Party & Bwin Rakechases (netting up to additional 10% in value) and get access to our two weekly Private Freerolls.

A summary of why Party Poker is one of the best places to play small stakes NL Holdem in 2020:

  • One of the biggest and most respectable online poker providers
  • Great traffic throughout the whole day on small stakes
  • Eye-catching and functional software
  • Softer games due to anonymous tables policy
  • Up to 60% weekly cashback
  • $30 in free tickets upon sign-up through PokerPro
  • Access to Exclusive Party & Bwin PokerPro Rake Chase 
  • Private Freerolls (each week we organise 2, on Sunday $200 and every Monday $250)


In the past couple of years, there has been a lot of Asian online poker providers surfacing and offering poker games. The one network that has become extremely popular in the past few years is GGNetwork.

They have started as an online poker provider for predominantly Asian markets, but due to their amazing and well thought promotional strategy they have until today grown to become the 3rd largest online poker network in the world!

GGPoker, Natural8, Betkings and 2bet4win

Players at PokerPro can choose from three different online poker providers that are all part of the GGNetwork: Betkings, GGPoker, Natural8 and 2bet4win.

As mentioned before, one of the best features is fantastic monthly promotions aimed at providing great value for players, no matter what type of poker you wish to play! They offer great welcome bonuses and have a couple of on-going promotions that all players will love.

If you want to play small stakes NL Holdem you should put your focus on The Fish Buffet; which is GG’s new way of awarding players that have substituted standard rakeback system. You gather points for each $0.01 of rake paid and move up the ladder. There are 7 different statuses with 24 levels and the average rakeback equals anywhere from 15% to 50%. Welcome bonuses are similar, but differ a bit:

  1. 100% up to $600 Welcome Bonus for Betkings, GGPoker and 2bet4win
  2. 200% up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus for Natural8
  3. Or choosing up to $100 Free Tickets&Cash instead

The software is fast, reliable and most of all, very user-friendly. Poker tracker software is not supported on GG Network, but they do have some interesting analysing tools on their own such as PokerCraft, allowing you to track your results and analyze your game. 

They also offer two fun and interesting features; Run it three times and Rabit hole feature. With Run it three times it means the software deals the remaining cards on the board three times, giving a bigger incentive for large pots as it decreases the variance. Rabit hole feature allows you to see the cards that would come on the board even if you fold and the hand finishes. Oh, and not to mention, they also implemented the Straddle, a feature extremely popular in live games, which is an optional third blind bet.

In regards to traffic, we have already mentioned, that GG currently sits at the 3rd place among the busiest online poker networks. That means you can expect a ton of action on the small stakes tables.

With their constant new promotions, ever-improving tournament selection, fast games and other benefits they attract a huge number of recreational players from all around the world, so expect a lot of soft and “juicy” games versus weaker players.

A quick recap why poker rooms on GGNetwork should not be ignored for small stakes cash game players:

  • GGNetwork has become extremely popular in the past few years and is growing tremendously each day
  • Great traffic throughout the whole day on small stakes
  • Eye-catching, functional and interactive software
  • Great welcome bonuses that need no deposit to activate
  • Amazing  and high-value promotions each month
  • Attracting a lot of recreational players making for soft games
  • Fish Buffet promotion, that can net you up to 50% rakeback
  • Monthly tournament leaderboards with great prizes if you feel like trying yourself in the tournament play
  • PokerPro VIP monthly rakeback

You can find all, Betkings, GGPoker, Natural8 and 2Bet4Win among our offers! As mentioned in the recap, players registering through PokerPro will be given an additional VIP monthly rakeback.

Poker apps (PPPoker and PokerBros)

Poker apps are getting insanely popular in recent years, to the point where they revolutionized how we play and thing about online poker.

PPPoker and PokerBros are two leading apps on the market, being the most popular and trusted ones with many private clubs that connect into Unions.

PokerPro is collaborating with more than 30 such clubs, offering many different games and limits, starting as low as NL10, so poker apps should definitely be in consideration when choosing up sites to play small stakes Hold'em.

Contact us for more information about clubs, test account and VIP deal.