Top 4 Poker Podcasts in 2022 13 May

Poker podcasts are one of the best formats to find out information about poker and all the news related to poker in different ways, but what exactly is a podcast?
A podcast is a format where people or an individual discuss some topics in a longer format compared to the usual short interviews we are used to where there is often not enough time to express a more detailed opinion or attitude.
The podcast was popularized by renowned MMA commentator Joe Rogan and today the podcast has really become part of the mainstream, so the poker world has picked up on that trend.
There are a lot of poker podcasts so we will list the most current and most interesting ones according to my personal choice. 

The Poker Life Podcast (Joeingram1)

One of the pioneers and perhaps the most popular poker podcast of all time, where PLO player Joey Ingram and once the owner of the world record for 50,000 hands hosted eminent High-stakes players in one day like Limitless, Phil Ivey, Jungleman, Ben Sulsky, Phil Galfond and many others.
Unfortunately, he is less active today although there are some current podcasts here and there like the recent podcast where Doug and Joey comment on Bryn Kenny’s interview.

Doug Polk Podcast

Doug Polk is one of the most famous poker players today, once the best HU player in the world, the owner of the Upswing Poker coaching site and one of the biggest poker podcasts.

As for Doug’s podcast, he is quite focused on controversial topics, and after a long “mini beef” with Dan Bilzerian, we saw their 1 on 1 podcast where there was a lot of discussion and provocation.

Mehanics of Poker Podcast

One of the newer podcasts which currently has 8 episodes released.
I would say this podcast is one of the refreshments where guests so far have been High Stakes players, who somehow get under the radar and have great results.
While we all love to see Negreanu and Hellmuth tilts, we still need freshness sometimes and we can agree that we may be a bit oversaturated with the same faces.
This podcast reminds me the most of Joey Ingram’s classics from 5+ years ago and you can learn a lot from them.
The format of this podcast is focused on educating and personal stories of players about their beginnings.

Runchucks Podcast

Unfortunately I’m not sure if the Runchuks Podcast is still active as it hasn’t released a new episode in 9 months, but all previous episodes are top of the list.

The Runchuks PLO presenter touches on great topics and asks the right questions, so we can learn a lot about poker and poker stuff, and the podcast is a lot of fun.
It also brings freshness and variety to guests from celebrities to names we haven’t heard of.
Hopefully there will be more new episodes of this podcast because keeping silent guests like Steffen Sontheimer or Fedor Holz are always interesting to hear.