Top 5 Free Poker Resources You Should Use Today! 03 Sep

Poker is a game where in 2 minutes we can connect to the internet in almost any part of the world, turn on the tables and start making money. This fact alone makes poker very competitive, and thus poker-related resources quite expensive and unavailable.

The mindset shared by most professional players is “chase the value”, where players try to capitalize on every possible type of allowed advantage because it leads us to direct earnings.

So getting instructions from some World Class coach will cost you from $500-$1000 per hour, or if you want to buy some kind of solver you can work with on your game, it will cost you between $250 and $475.

Poker is a game where money is actually your tool with which you create extra money with a certain skill or, as they say, print money in poker slang. Poker is by no means a cheap game and that is why in this article we want to recommend you 5 free resources that you should not miss.

1. Welcome Bonus

The Welcome Bonus is one of the key resources that most well-known poker sites offer. It is mostly released while playing, and you will need to play a certain number of hands to reap the full benefits of the bonus.

We can look at the Welcome Bonus as a kind of extra rakeback with an expiration date, for example GGNetwork (BetkingsGGpokerNatural82bet4win) gives you 90 days to clear the entire bonus where for every $20 of rake you pay you get $5 back which is about 20% of the extra rakeback.

This is one of the resources that you should not miss because it drastically affects your overall Winrate.

2. Rakeback deal

Something similar to the Welcome bonus is a rakeback deal, which with the constant increase in rake on the site has become one of the necessary ways to increase your Winrate.

At PokerPro, we want to work with as many players as possible and offer them game security and additional revenue through a rakeback deal without much complication. You can contact us about our cooperation and the best rakeback deals.

3. Free Software

There are really a handful of different tools on the market that are offered to players every day and they look very tempting, the problem is that they are generally inefficient to apply and very expensive.

There are a couple of tools you can make good use of and extract value from their trial versions or you can also find some free tools as well.


PokerStove is one of the simplest and free tools for beginners in which you can study ranges and equities on various boards and thus do solid analyzes and draw conclusions. The good thing about PokerStove is that it's very easy to use and you can quickly learn how to handle it, and it's free.


Trial version of FlopZilla gives you 7 days of free use. FlopZilla is a useful tool for deeper analysis of ranges and how they work on different boards, and can help you understand your postflop game. The tool is quite easy to use and in 7 days you can extract a lot of useful information from it, also for free.


The trial version of PokerSnowie gives you 10 days of free use and gives you the opportunity to play against artificial intelligence, ie bots, as well as giving you live advice on where your mistakes are and how you can fix them. Snowie is one of the easiest ways to learn the basics of the GTO game, although the program is not perfect, it is a great learning tool even if only for 10 days.

4. Freeroll tournament schedule

If you put in a little effort, you can find out on all the poker site's webpages what their weekly freeroll tournament schedule is, and as a beginner you can risk-free build your bankroll for further career advancement.

The better you research the market and find more freerolls on a weekly and daily basis, the more action you have and the higher the total guaranteed prize pool you compete for free.

In addition to being able to build a bankroll without risk, you gain experience and learn the skills you will need when you take a step towards a more serious game.

5. Selling Action (GG – Staking)

GGNetwork (BetkingsGGpokerNatural82bet4win) has introduced an interesting option for tournament players. When registering for a tournament, you are offered the option to sell a percentage of your action at the quantity and price you want.

For example, if you register a $10 buyin tournament and sell 50% of your action at a markup of 1.25, the buyer pays $6.25 to get 50% of your potential winnings, ie you pay $3.75 to play a $10 tournament and have 50% of your gain. This is one of the best options for beginners and more advanced players who want to reduce risk or do not have a bankroll to play certain tournaments.

The best thing about this option is that it is integrated into GG software and very easy to use, and GG is an intermediary between you and the customer which eliminates any possibility of complications or conflicts. It's also free!

We strongly recommend to all players who are interested in additional rakeback and other prizes to contact us where we will advise you and agree on the best possible deal for you!