What Does It Take To Beat Micro Stakes Cash Games in 2021 08 Nov

A lot of players have a problem in "beating" micro stakes, often because they have the wrong image of poker and do not understand micros as a preparation for a higher level, so they try to skip steps as fast as possible and never acquire the necessary skills.
It often happens that they get tired of some marginal situations and complicate the game instead of focusing on important things. If you find yourself in this, this article will surely be interesting to you.

1. Ranges

 It is necessary to have good opening ranges and be well acquainted with all positions. The best and simplest option is the Preflop Bible from BTS.

2. Bankroll

To be safe we need 100 Buy-ins for the limit we play, for example if we play NL50 it is $ 5000.

And in cases of downswings, we have to go down to a lower limit and grind the roll again. This keeps us safe from losing our entire bankroll.

3. Volume

 We have to play a lot of hands because that's how we learn the best, ie we gain experience, we also come to situations where we can realize our "EDGE" and reduce the impact of variation.

Also if we have a good rakeback deal, we get the most out of it. Today, Leaderboards have become an integral part of the cash game, we can consider them an addition to our "Win Rate".

4. Simplicity

If we play a simple game (We bet strong hands, we don't call weak ones) we reduce the possibility of making big mistakes and losing big pots.

This is one of the much underestimated rules, but it will have a huge impact on our “Win Rate”.

5. Tilt

What is mentioned in almost every poker article/video, is that it is important to understand how the variation works and that poker is actually a marathon and we need to accept bad beats as an expected part on our way to the goal.
Especially since we know in advance that downswing will come sooner or later.

6. Exploiting

Whenever we see a player make a big mistake we should mark it and write notes.
It is important for the notes to be simple and to give important info, this will bring us a lot of money in future situations, so invest a few seconds in your "Win Rate".

7. Finding bad players

Most of your profit at all limits will come from 'fishes', so don't bother "beating" regulars.
It's great if you can beat them, but they won't bring you nearly as much as a real fish about which you have info and the number of hands, and you know how to "Exploit" them.

8. Focus

Focus to perfect one type of game. It is not good to mix MTT and cash at the beginning because they are two different games that have some of the same elements, but also a lot of differences.
Focus on the situations that bring you the most money.