€1 Million BLAST Jackpot Hit at 888poker! 19 Sep

Imagine yourself in this scenario. You fire up 888poker and enter a €1 BLAST Sit & Go game. The randomly selected prize pool spins and spins and spins before settling on a staggering €1 million! That is exactly what happened to three lucky Italian 888poker players this week.
As per the rules of the BLAST tournaments, all three players shared the monster-sized prize pool instead of the tournament being a winner-takes-all as it would have been with a smaller prize pool multiplier.
Falling in third would still net them a cool €100,000, a prize €1 players can only dream of.

€700,000 for the Winner

"Adria74" was the first player out of the door. While disappointed not to emerge victoriously, having an extra €100,000 in their 888poker account will go some way to numbing the pain of defeat.
That exit left "iaria200651" and "ele76m" heads-up with everything to play for. First place tipped the scales at €700,000 with second-place coming in at €200,000.
The one-on-one battle went the way of iaria200651 and they scooped the €700,000 top prize!
"When I realised that the 1 million jackpot had been hit, I started screaming, so much so that my son got scared. I couldn’t believe it!" iaria200651 told the 888poker eMagazine.
"We are a family of workers, and we will continue to work. But, at least, now we can realize our dreams. We have four children: the eldest is 35, the youngest 15, so it’s important for us to give them everything they need, to send the youngest to a good university, and to help the eldest with a house loan. And we can have a bigger house now, too."