18 Left in ISOP Main Event Before The Start Of The Final Day 29 Nov

Stage of this year's edition of ISOP 2021-2022 is reaching it's final phase. The last day of playing which begins today will bring us the big winner who will take home the first price of €25,000.
Out of four day 1s, 205 players qualified for day 2, while overall 481 buy-ins build the price pool to €113,949, which will be distributed among 49 ITM players. The current chip leader is Marco Levato with 3.375.000 chips.

Final table is already waiting for its players and where best eight will compete for the main prize of €25,000. As usual ISOP will provide live stream of the final table.


Place Prize
1st €25,000
2nd €14,500
3rd €10,000
4th €7,184
5th €5,300
6th €4,250
7th €3,300
8th €2,500

Last 18 players redraw:

Super KO

106 players filled up last night's Super KO and created a prize pool of €9,752, to which €10,600 was added with knockout bounties.
Mevmed Numani was the big winner before the TV cameras, who in the end had to beat two female players for the win: Rosa Musci in second place and Serena Maso in third place.

Final results:

Place Player Prize
1st Mevmed Numan €2,500
2nd Rosa Musci €2,000
3rd Serena Maso €1,500
4th Stefano Altamore €1,000
5th Dario Doveri €800
6th Fernando Mondello €600
7th Marc Meden €500
8th Edoardo Viggian €450
9th Luca Audin €402

Replay of the final table: