888poker introduces a new, thrilling mobile poker app 05 Nov

The 888poker has been around for years and has made its name around the poker world by offering great cash games and tournaments. Now, they have put their focus on improving the player’s mobile experience and introduced a new mobile app that will definitely impress even the most demanding mobile users!
The new “Made to Play” mobile platform has been in development for quite some time and is now available globally for both, iOS and Android users. With the mobile industry developing so rapidly over the past few years and more, and more users playing poker from the comfort of the mobile devices (even around 60% of their users claim they are playing the games regularly on mobile phones), 888poker realized the potential and brought us an amazing experience with the new sleek, smooth and user-friendly app.

An attention-grabbing main screen

Just entering the new app immediately grabs our attention with the amazing color scheme and an easy-to-navigate main screen. Players will be happy to know you can play a variety of different games; the evergreen Snap poker, Hold’em cash games, Sit&Gos, and tournaments. They even made the effort to incorporate 888casino and 888sport visually in the app, giving everyone, regardless if you are poker, casino, or sports betting fan, a seamless experience.

The lobbies could not be easier to navigate



We have scanned the lobbies and we have to admit, the navigation could not be easier. All the lobbies follow a similar principle and players will have absolutely no problems finding their favorite games!

A handful of useful features

Poker mobile apps have been known to be a bit “clunky” for players looking for more action - with the new 888poker mobile app, you will have loads of fun... multi-tabling!
Obviously, one cannot expect to play a handful of tables at once, same as on our personal computers, where we have the help of a big screen or, in many cases, a couple of them! Mobile phones have only a limited amount of space available due to the size of the screens, but we can guarantee you, on the new 888poker mobile app multi-tabling will be smooth and fast - and you can play up to four tables at once! And navigating through the tables is easy - you simply swipe left or right to choose the tables where the action is happening (great Tinder-like solution, that many of you will surely be familiar with :) ).
888poker has really made a great effort to make all the things you might want to keep track of, easily accessible; it is really easy to find out what bonuses are available to you, the rewards and gifts you can claim, what challenges are incomplete, and also give us the possibility to check our 888 Club balance within the app.
We can also see the trend in the majority of poker providers, to ditch the old traditional chatboxes (who used them on a regular basis, anyway?), and exploring more interactive approaches. 888poker new mobile app is no different! They also went for the popular “emoji chatbox”, which allows players to communicate with a variety of emojis, making it fun, entertaining, and fresh. And to be even more mainstream, 888poker has introduced the “throwables”, on-screen objects you can throw at your opponents, showing support, agreement, sadness, anger, or similar feelings when celebrating a big pot or experiencing yet another bad beat. You have the option to throw various funny objects, such as an egg, a tomato, or even a cake!
They also made a good effort and introduced the new player tags, that now lets you mark players in a simple and visible way, so you will always know who you are playing against.

At the top, you can see us playing 4 tables simultaneously. And on the right side, you can see a selection of “throwables” to use.

The new mobile app is packed with other customization options, and you can simply access them from the navigation menu on the top left corner of the screen. You have the option to switch to a 4-color deck, turn off the sound (if you are in a place where noise would be annoying), disable the emoji feature (if you are only focusing on playing the best game possible and want to avoid any unnecessary distractions), change your avatar, and also decide on the re-buy and add-on features.

One thing we really love about the new client is the ease of depositing and withdrawing funds. You do not need to go to the web browser but can simply do all the things in-app. That is a feature that will surely make your life way less annoyable and you will be able to focus on your play even better.

The new 888poker mobile app lets us deposit funds easily within the app and let us manage our bankroll in a really simple way (even verifying the identity and setting limits is a breeze).

Portrait mode makes it a great mobile poker app

The portrait mode is not a novelty and has been introduced by other mobile poker apps in the past, but boy, are we happy they also introduced it too. Having a chance to play poker in a vertical view with a single hand is a must nowadays and adds so much value to the player.

The new 888poker app is such a “BLAST”

We mentioned you can play a variety of poker formats on the new mobile app, but we also have to mention players can enjoy 888poker BLAST Sit&Go games - one of the most thrilling 888poker games available.

888poker Mobile app definitely makes poker on mobile devices FUN

Regardless if you are a professional at playing poker on mobile devices or you have never tried it before, we definitely advise you to give the 888poker mobile app a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Want to try it out?

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