888poker Seizes $287,292 From Bots and Cheaters in 2022 03 Mar

888poker continued the battle against bots and real-time assistance (RTA) software in 2022, confiscating almost $290,000 from player’s accounts who violated company’s TOS throughout the year.

$287,292 was refunded to a total of 6,801 players, averaging $42 per player. This represents a 32% increase in number of detections over the year 2021 when 888poker seized more than $300,000.

Matan Krakow, Head of Poker Offering at 888poker assured that they take the issue of game integrity very serious. He explained that amount of confiscated funds and number of detections are results of their continued investments in technology, cooperation of their players and hard work of 888poker teams.

AI and RTA are considered the biggest threat to online poker as they give an illegal, unfair and unethical advantage over normal users, which is hard to detect sometimes. Similar to sports and doping, it’s important for companies offering real money games to stay ahead of the curve and Krakow agrees and vows for 888poker to continue their focus on this area to ensure that customers have a fair, safe and entertaining experience when they play on their site.