Adrian Lovin Sorin Victorious at The 1st Stage of ISOP 2021-2022 01 Dec

The first stage of the new ISOP 2021-2022 season is over, which brought victory to Italian Adrian Lovin Sorin at the Main Event.

ISOP Main Event, Phase 1

On the last day of the main event, 18 players came back to play and at six in the afternoon, a TV final table was prepared at the Perla Resort & Entertainment nightclub.
After an hour of play, we lost our first player, Federico Petruzzelli, who tried to bluff on the river with a missed draw, but ran into Sorin, who had a call ready with a top pair.

He also eliminated the second and third player from the table, Fabio Bianchi with AQ against KT, and then Marco Levato who got his aces cracked by kings. After that it was Damir Bermanec who eliminated Girard Cristophe Andrea in fifth place, who didn’t catch a gutshot against Damir’s JJ.
Salvatore Lorello was eliminited in fourth place. He held the top pair while Chiofala caught his second pair and held on the river. A whole 3 hours of play later, it was Chiofalo who had to leave the table. He held the top pair and flush draw with QT, while Sorin had top set with QQ.
If the 3-handed game took a very long time, we can't say the same for heads-up: a single hand brought Sorin a victory against Damir Bermanec: AQ for Sorin, A6 for Bermanec, who found a gutshot on the flop, but could not improve.

ISOP 2021-2022 Stage 1 Main Even Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1st Lovin Sorin Adrian €25,000 + ticket Campionati Italiani
2nd Bermanec Damir €14,500 + ticket Campionati Italiani
3rd Chiofalo Giovanni €10,000 + ticket Campionati Italiani
4th Lorello Salvatore €7,184 + ticket Campionati Italiani
5th Girard Christophe Andre €5,300 + ticket Campionati Italiani
6th Levato Marso €4,250 + ticket Campionati Italiani
7th Bianchi Fabio Angelo €3,300 + ticket Campionati Italiani
8th Petruzzelli Federico €2,500

Final Table Replay

6-Max Event

There were 68 players registered on the first tournament on Monday, which raised the price pool over the €10k mark.
The Slovenian Žan Kocman was the winner, who beat Alessandro Longobardi in their heads-up match.

6-Max Final Results

Place Player
1st Žan Kocman
2nd Alessandro Longobardi
3rd Giorgio Gianerini
4th Aldo Valletta
5th Pietro Bolzanello
6th Maurizio Lambiase
7th Bojan Kheževič

Goodbye Event

The very last tournament was won by Tim Primc, who beat 35 players in the Goodbye event.

Goodbye Tournament Final Results

Place Player
1st Tim Primc
2nd Vittorio Gatto
3rd Bosko Kresic
4th Aldo Cerutti

This concludes the 1st stage of the ISOP season, which will continue from 13 to 17 January also in Casino Perla in Nova Gorica. See you then!