Afework Wins WPT500 and prevents Staples’ Epic Comeback Victory 03 Jun

David Afework has won the WPT Online Series WPT500 for $160,211 after battling to victory on partypoker. He defeated a final table featuring partypoker Ambassador Jaime Staples and Dutch player Teun Mulder. With his third-place finish, Staples more than doubled his previous career-best cash that came in the 2021 MILLIONS Online.

The popular Canadian streamer and partypoker pro fought his way through the 2088 field to book his seat in the final nine, and knowing that 4th place or better would make it his largest payday ever.

Despite online winnings of $1,369,983, Jaime’s best score to date had surprisingly been ‘only’ $35,277, but that was all set to change as he sat down to fight for the WPT title, sharing his hopes with a tweet tagged as #thedream.

Staples’ dream run looked like it might go all the way, but at a final table with a lot of twists and turns, he came really close.

Afework held a massive three-to-one chip lead over Andre and had one hand on the title. Afework remained firmly in control but could not quite shake off Andre. He finally got the job done during the 4,000,000/8,000,000/1,000,000 level, and what a dramatic hand it was to seal the deal.

A raise to 24,000,000 with by Afework got Andre’s mouth watering because he looked down at pocket aces. Andre three-bet to 68,000,000 only for Afework to move all-in. Andre snap-called off the 231,540,288 chips he had behind. The Poker Gods were obviously shining down on Afework because, just as he did against Staples, he made flopped a heart flush and got there on the river. Andre crashed out in second place for $108,795 while Afework banked the title of champion and $160,210.

WPT #24 WPT500 Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 David Afework United Kingdom $160,210
2 Henning Andre Sweden $108,795
3 Jamie Staples Canada $74,227
4 Timo Borchmann Germany $49,225
5 Teun Mulder Netherlands $33,502
6 Klas Lofberg Sweden $25,557
7 Sergei Koliakov Russia $19,798
8 Lukas Hafner Austria $15,704
9 Jon Santos United Kingdom $12,251