Alexandre Raymond Wins The Jackie's Poker Tour Panama For $120,000 20 Dec

Alexandre Raymond beat a field of 329 players to take first place at the Jackie's Poker Tour 500K GTD for $120,000. He started the final table with almost 4 million in chips, a lead in chips that he maintained from start to finish. His last obstacle on the way to victory was Asem Alsaadi (El Toro). On his way he also faced many professionals of different nationalities.

Heads Up

In the right corner of the table sat the Canadian Alexandre Raymond with 8,535,000 and in the left corner Asem Alsaadi (El Toro) who came from Colombia to take the seat with 3,000,000 in chips; The cards were dealt and in the third hand they played came the cooler that would leave Raymond with the title. From the small blind with the blinds at 40,000/80,000 El Toro raised to 160,000 and in the big blind Raymond calls.

They both checked the flop and on the turn we saw and Raymond bet 420,000 el Toro calls. On the river El toro sends his 2.3 million in chips remaining to the table, Raymond calls him and wins the hand and the Jackie's Poker Tour 500K GTD for $ 120,000.00, while el Toro finishes in second place with $ 73,000.00.
Marllory Pirano was also the big winner of the day. She took down the Second Chance tournament for $5,200.

2021 SORTIS CASINO JACKIE'S POKER TOUR 500K GTD-$1,500 Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Alexandre Raymond $120,000.00
2 Asem Alsaadi $73,000.00
3 Francis Cruz $41,000.00
4 Felipe Espitia $33,000.00
5 Sebastián Hoyos $28,000.00
6 Javier Nuñez $24,000.00
7 Jeffrrey Cormier $19,100.00
8 Hertsel Levy $15,000.00
9 Mauricio González $10,300.00