Almost 10 million dollars record-breaking The Venom crowns two new millionaires 07 Aug

The Venom on PokerKing and Americas Cardroom (WPN Network) has just finished and has again proven as one of the best and the biggest online tournaments. The guaranteed prize pool of seven million dollars was easily broken, as the total prize pool at the end reached a whopping $9,680,000!

Record-breaking third Venom

In the four first days (1A - 1D) there was a total of 3.872 entries with a buy-in of $2.650, which equates to a 40% and a 50% increase compared to the first two Venoms (2552 and 2696 entries, respectively) and goes to show the extreme popularity of the tournament among the players.

Two new millionaires

In the last, fourth day of the tournament, we saw the remaining 8 players battle for the first prize, worth more than 1.5 million dollars. Given the huge prize pool, it was also clear, that the second-place finisher will end up becoming a millionaire.
The American, TRT-Vitor, came to the final table as the chip leader and managed to retain the lead throughout the final phase and winning the tournament. In the heads-up match, he won against the Mexican, forrestranfar, with whom he made a deal prior to the final battle.
Therefore, it was clear even before the heads-up match, that TRT-Vitor will walk away with the biggest prize of $1,369,821, while forrestranfar will receive $1,282,666. The players played for the extra $25.000 and the title of The Venom winner, which, at the end went to the USA.

Final results 

1st place


2nd place


3rd place


4th place


5th place


6th place

freddy adu

7th place


8th place


* Deal