Answering Where High Stakes Poker Leaks Are Coming From 12 Nov

Unless you have been living under a rock, you already know that iconic High Stakes Poker TV Show is making a grand return on December 16. If this is news to you, we recommend checking out All you need to know about High Stakes poker return first.

But if you have been following a bit closer, you must have seen the leaks either on reddit, twitter or poker forums.


But where are these coming from? Well, we have an answer and it’s not as complicated as someone in production crew leaking footage.

Cash game have already been played and taped and will be broadcast on PokerGO as episodes in December, but apparently they were also streamed live for Chinese audience on website called Poker Fang. To the best of our knowledge, the videos can’t be found anymore so no risks of spoilers.

We obviously don’t understand a word, but just from the screenshot above we can be fairly certain that High Stakes Poker tapings were livestreamed on three occasions - October 28 and 30 and November 1. Maybe not necessarily live-LIVE due to time difference, but still.

So there you have it, Chinese audience already enjoyed in new High Stakes Poker action and we will have to wait for our fix until mid December.