Awesome PLO Spin-It Games Now available on PokerBros 21 Aug

The option to combine Omaha with the fast-paced three-handed action of Spin-It has arrived on PokerBros. Starting with a Spin to determine the prize pool multiplier (up to 100x), players can play for massive prizes now in multi-card games.

  • Choose from 4,5 or 6-Card Pot Limit Omaha Spin-It games in your poker clubs
  • Spin-It to set your prize pool from 2x to 100x your buy-in
  • Win it – defeat your two opponents to take the trophy in a Turbo tournament

Omaha is known as an action game and the short-stacked Spin-It format lends itself perfectly to the variant. All the fun of tournament poker without the time commitment – and with a chance at a huge prize pool!

Prizepool Multiplier Rewards
100x 1st: 80x, 2nd: 10x, 3rd: 10x
25x 1st: 21.25x, 2nd: 3.75x
10x 1st: 10x
5x 1st: 5x
3x 1st: 3x
2x 1st: 2x

In most Spin-It games winner takes it all, but if its lands on one of the biggest multipliers, players will share the rewards (top two players for the 25x multiplier, all three for the 100x).
At PokerBros, they are always listening to ideas for new games, and the fusion of PLO and Spin-It is just the latest at their ongoing effort to provide the most cutting-edge poker app with all the fun of your home game.

PokerPro offers you action in 17 PokerBROS clubs that are based all around the world and are part of bigger unions (networks), which means you’ll get access to the softest games on the planet! All of the clubs are now offering PLO Spin-It games.

How to start playing on PokerBROS?

Downloading and setting up account for free with the PokerBROS app only takes minutes and the best part is that your game will be protected by this incredible team of Game Integrity BROS 24/7. Go to Google play store or Apple store on your mobile and download PokerBROS to your mobile/tablet. After you will need to create an account and contact us to help you adding clubs

If you would like to play on your computer, you will need to first download emulator, we recommend using Bluestacks. There you just login to your google account and download PokerBROS app from the app store. After you registered a new PokerBROS account contact us to help you with adding clubs.

Our PokerBROS players get:

  • Help with choosing best club for your game,
  • Free chips transfer between clubs;
  • State-of-the-art Players and Partners Panel, which will make tracking your earnings, rewards, and moving chips easy as never before.
  • Chips fully guaranteed in case of any problem with the club;
  • Personal support manager;
  • High VIP deals

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Good luck at the tables!

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