Best Poker TV Ads of All Time 11 Nov

They don’t make them like they used to. We’re talking about poker tv commercials.

Remember the good old days when poker was booming and ads for poker sites on TV was a regular thing? And those were not some boring, sterile commercials that we see today how a tennis player runs around playing poker on a mobile phone.

No, we had a pleasure to see short, funny, innovative and provocative ads, mostly for partypoker. We have collected some of the best down below.


This is probably the most famous poker TV ad, from the time when partypoker was the biggest online site.

In general, partypoker commercials were by far the best ones around. Here’s a few of them.

Of course, who doesn’t remember Full Tilt ads as well. The Ivey one is legendary.

The ad that inspired the whole article is this new one from 888poker, featuring their new mobile app. It’s quirky, it’s weird, it looks like editor used every possible special effect in his library, it’s “so bad, it’s good”, but it still brought back all the memories so that’s why it deserves the spot in here.

PokerStars had its moments as well.

Did we miss any? Which one do you like the best?