Offers Our Players THE BEST Deals Possible on Suprema Poker 19 Feb

Formerly on PPPoker, Suprema Union created its own Poker app in 2021 . Huge amount of active tables (100+) and new players joining every day invite you to start grinding today. Relatively still in its early days, Suprema offers plenty of action and fishes to be skinned. Hot tempered Brazilians, love to gamble and make questionable gameplay decisions.

Suprema Union was the biggest union on PPPoker and they became so big, that they can now afford to move away from PPPoker as their software provider and they have their very own team, who will manage that everything works properly for their players. The cost of chips and other in-game items in the app will certainly be much lower for them now and they will also now be able to set their own set of rules. This will help bring higher creativity and better promotions in future.
You can play Suprema Poker on mobile devices with iOS and Android, as well as on a computer (and without an emulator) – it will take you 30 seconds to find an application for a tablet and a computer, everything is downloaded quickly, and installation takes less than a minute.

Although the application is designed primarily for residents of Brazil and Portuguese-speaking countries, its interface is available in 7 languages, including Russian and English.
The app is already fully operational: games are running and the traffic is bigger every day. Right now you can find all the possible games: NLH, PLO, MTT, SnG, OFC, Swap, and 6+. HU tables are also available; buy-ins range from micros to high stakes. currently has 5 clubs in our offer:

  • Five Cards 1 Suprema ID 1083800 ; 1chip = 0.95 BRL
  • King Online 1 Suprema ID 747043 ; 1chip = 1 BRL
  • Fichasnet 2 Suprema ID 898234 ; 1chip = 1 BRL
  • RUNNER STACK BR Principal ID 897260 ; 1chip = 1 BRL
  • Fichasnet Gold Principal ID 1038217 ; 1chip = 1 BRL

Referral ID for all clubs is: 307295
As with all poker apps in our offer, you have to contact us before you start playing.

How to start playing?

Contact us via one of the following options and you will be playing within minutes. Support team is at your disposal and will be happy to help you!

Rakeback deal

We offer our players the best rakeback deals you can find on the internet. VIP deal is possible in all our Suprema clubs, all you have to do is contact our support and they will set you up with your deal.


Traffic on Suprema Poker is AMAZING! Most traffic can be found at Brazilian evenings and nights but in general, games run around the clock. If you like to play HU, there are a ton of tables/games available for you to play! The poker games running in these unions are known to be incredibly soft!

Tournament players will also find tournaments all throughout the day with big guarantees and occasional overlays.


It is time you start playing in Liga Suprema and receive great additional rewards when playing with us.

We recommend you contacting us to get more information about the games and anything else needed for your comfort play. Games are incredible and very profitable.