Bill Perkins and Landon Tice Add Extra Side Bet to Their Heads Up Challenge 04 May

Landon Tice has tweeted an update to the conditions for his upcoming heads-up match with Bill Perkins. The pair are due to start their battle in the near future in a challenge that is a little different from what we have become used to over the last year.

Massive Head Start for Bill Perkins

As we reported the match will be played on $200/$400 blinds and the 9bb/100 is what makes this really interesting—over the 20,000 hands match that equates to a $720,000 head start. Can Bill Perkins hang on against what even he admits is the superior player?

With the side bet things get even more interesting. That’s pretty much a cool $1 million on the line now, even if most of it won’t be Tice’s own money. We’ve heard that as much as 90% of Tice’s action has been sold to backers, but it doesn’t really matter for what this challenge is all about.

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