Borgata lawsuit against Phil Ivey about to finish after 6 years 11 Jul

Everybody in the poker world has surely heard of Phil Ivey and also his (alleged) cheating at the baccarat game in Borgata Casino. Charge was filed against him by Borgata, in total worth of 10 million Euros, the amount he won at the aforementioned game.

The event took place in 2012 when Phil Ivey was given a chance to play high stakes at the baccarat game along with his card partner, Cheung Yin “Kelly” Sun. Borgata Casino then filed a 10-million lawsuit against the renowned American professional poker player.

If you have a spare minute, make sure to watch the video explaining the whole situation:

Borgata Casino accused him of marking cards, which in reality did not happen. Ivey did have the advantage based on the fact that his partner turned the cards 180 degrees before the game started. Since the cards were faultily made, Ivey, the master he is, had no problems noticing that.

Phil Ivey moved all of his financial assets outside the USA in 2016, so all they find in the investigation in New Jersey were his empty bank accounts. After the judgment in 2016, he also played in Las Vegas only a couple of times, as it was better for him to keep his financials outside the US soil.

Since the Borgata case had many faults and was not based on solid evidence, the scale turned towards Phil Ivey winning the case. The outcome of the lawsuit is to be determined by the senate of three judges and there is only a minimal chance (1%) that the case will return to the Supreme court, according to Melkonian.