CalvinAyre.Com Will No Longer Update Their Gambling News Website 26 Feb

International gaming news website will no longer be operational, as stated in their press release.

The news website was launched in 2009 and is owned by billionaire Calvin Ayre. The publication covered news from gaming, sports, lifestyle, stories related to Bitcoin and gambling news. is a part of the Ayre group which is one of the largest multinational organizations headquartered in the country of Antigua in the Caribbean.

The announcement of the website shutting down came at a time when the brand decided to focus on cryptocurrency. For the past five years, Ayre has been deeply involved in the world of cryptocurrency and he believes that his focus should be on it.

They added: "There have been many uplifting elements to writing about poker through a global pandemic, as odd as those words must feel to read and certainly are to write. From inspirational quotes to motivate players who are just joining or continue to love the game to what could help players turn pro as an alternative to more difficult careers to sustain (they do exist!), it has genuinely been a job I have treasured and I hope you have enjoyed the content that I and the incredible Calvin Ayre content team have been able to bring you during the past 18 months or so."

This platform will be shutting down after being active for the past 10 years. The website now encourages people to look for possibilities in Bitcoin. In a concluding statement on the website, Ayre added, "My primary focus may have changed, but you never forget your first love."

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