Canadian Eliot Hudon is a WPT World Champion for $4.1 Million 22 Dec

25-year-old Eliot Hudon, who started playing poker three and a half years ago, has just become a WPT World Champion which earned him 4.1 million US dollars and his name will forever be etched onto the Mike Sexton WPT Champion Cup.

It was a record-breaking event at Wynn Las Vegas that drew 2,960 runners and crushed a $15 million guarantee for a total prize pool of $29,008,000.

At the start of the table, Canadian had the second biggest stack behind Benny Glaser, who was seen as a big favorite going into the final six. This could’ve been a magnum opus for the Brit, but then this happened four hands into the final. The ICM pressure on Hudon was big, as other four stacks were quite shorter, but everything went out of the window when he saw pocket Kings while facing an all-in from chip leader Glaser.

At this point Eliot had all the chips in the world and he maneuvered them brilliantly, like a seasoned veteran. Final table has lasted only 55 hands and Hudon literally ended with all the chips in front of him, winning $4,136,000 and a WPT trophy.

3.5 years ago, he won a $5 tournament for $2,000 of which he used $500 to invest in online training course, the rest was used for buying into $1 online tournaments. Today his poker bankroll grew to seven-figures and his plans are much bigger.

"I’m going to The Bahamas. I’m going to go to the WSOP. I’m going to play the bigger stakes, as long as I think that I beat them, which can be tricky because everyone thinks they can win," Hudon said. "I like to think that my self-awareness is a key element to my success so far, but you never know for sure. Maybe you are a loser, maybe you lose in that tournament, and you can’t know for sure."

"That’s also the beauty of the game. It’s the mysterious aspect. So we’ll see. I’m going to do all the live trips that are coming, all the big ones."

Watch the replay of the final six here

2022 WPT World Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Eliot Hudon Canada $4,136,000
2 Benny Glaser England $2,830,000
3 Jean-Claude Moussa USA $2,095,000
4 Adam Adler USA $1,608,000
5 Frank Funaro USA $1,301,000
6 Colton Blomberg USA $1,001,050