Charlie Carrel Released a Very Interesting Podcast With a High-Stakes Crusher 20 Apr

Charlie Carrel, better known in poker circles as Epiphany, is an MTT High-Stakes regular and is known for his unusual style of play. According to Hendon Mob, the biggest win of Charlie's career was the £50,000 buy-in Triton Poker Super High Roller Series London for $1,611,620, bringing his total live tournament earnings to $9,614,064.

Charlie Carrel profile

Charlie is not that active a poker player at the moment, although he sometimes takes part in various challenges to create content for his YouTube channel.
So, podcasts are one type of content that works, and this time he hosted the famous Cash Game crusher and Upswing coach Uri Peleg.

Uri is also the head coach of the Guerilla Poker CFP group.
Charlie's goal is to attack the highest online limits in the future, so he wants to upgrade his exploitative style with GTO knowledge, and he announced Uri as his GTO coach.
In the podcast, Uri explains his views on poker, talks about theory in specific situations, Magnus Carlsen's style of chess, and how it translates to poker. Hot topic right now as Magnus is rather playing poker than defending his World Chess championship title.

You can watch the entire podcast in the video below!