ClubGG Newest Aditions and News July 2022 08 Jul

ClubGG is quickly becoming very popular among poker players around the world. The feature-rich client is almost a perfect copy of the state-of-the-art GGPoker client, except it is completely free to play from anywhere around the world! Take a look at the newest additions to our ClubGG club offer and other news.

Our ClubGG Offer

PokerPro, as one of the world leaders in poker apps and rakeback deals, currently has 4 ClubGG clubs you can join. The action in the clubs is increasing every day, NLH and PLO are of course the most popular games. MTTs are also running around the clock.

Names of clubs Union Club ID Referral ID Rate
BackDoorClub   952056 61308687 1 ILS
AnnaKournikova   738278 61308687 1 ILS
Manila Bay Sands   504546 59568271 $1
FIGHT CLUB 21   212032 18552730 1 ILS
SUNNI ALPACAS   853511 18552730 $1

ClubGG Platinum Membership

GGClub Platinum Membership is your keys to the poker world, giving you a chance to play in the most popular and biggest poker tournaments around the world. Join the community of thousands and get rewarded for doing what you love.
Platinum Members get:

  • Offers and Discounts from a range of training sites through Platinum Academy
  • Exclusive first access and sneak peeks to upcoming events
  • Access to the Platinum Lounge at select live events, including WSOP in Las Vegas
  • Have your say on the future of online poker via regular pools

How to sign-up on the ClubGG app?

Getting started with ClubGG is super easy. Just go to the App Store or Google Play Store, search for ClubGG Poker and download the app. Alternatively, you can go to, download their app and get it installed on your device.
Open up the app and create an account. After that contact us for access to the softest games in the world and the best VIP deals.

Games and traffic

As ClubGG is still relatively new and a newest addition to our offer, it's not possible to draw conclusions about the traffic now as it varies from day to day. Within the app, the following games are available:

  • NLH (tournament and ring game).
  • PLO
  • OFC (Coming Soon).
  • 6+ Hold 'em (Coming Soon).

Bots, solvers, and any sort of real-time assistance is prohibited.

The Club GG Poker client is very well designed. We found no issues while playing. We expect the development team to add many additional features when it came out of the Beta Mode. The future looks promising for this app.

Your ClubGG deal

VIP - please contact our support team for more information regarding special deals for grinders.