Crazy Ending at EPT Barcelona Main Event, Bendinelli From 1 Big Blind to €1.49M Win! 22 Aug

EPT Barcelona 2022 will go down in history books for more ways than you can imagine! With 2,294 entries the €5,300 Main Event was the biggest Main Event in EPT history, generating €11,125,900 prize pool. And it wasn’t just the biggest, it was also one of the craziest and loudest televised events ever.

Giuliano Bendinelli was down to a single big blind when 6 players were left at the final table, but the famous poker saying ‘chip and a chair’ happened and Italian rose like a Phoenix from the ashes, dodging cards from elimination and eventually becoming a champion and taking home €1,491,133!

If this isn’t enough for you, just check the final hand, which has to be one of the sickest sequences of all time. also made a bit of history as we had our first player at the final table on such a big stage! Norwegian Kayhan Mokri represented our colors, who started the final table second in chips but was unfortunately the first player to go.

He was eliminated in 6th place after a cooler hand when Costa on Small Blind woke up with pair of Kings and Mokri had to push with AJ from the Big Blind. The board ran blank for Norwegian and had to settle for a €334,480 payday, which is his biggest score in live poker, after finishing 8th in EPT Prague High Roller for €66,240. Congrats!

You can watch the replay of the final table down below. If you’re asking why the replay is in two parts, it’s because the Casino Barcelona was struck by a lightning, outing the power. Just another story to add to an already epic event.

2022 EPT Barcelona Main Event Final Table Part 1

2022 EPT Barcelona Main Event Final Table Part 2

2022 EPT Barcelona Main Event Final Table Results

Place Name Country Prize
1 Giuliano Bendinelli Italy €1,491,133*
2 Jimmy Guerrero France €1,250,337*
3 Neville Costa Brazil €734,470.00
4 Fabiano Kovalski Brazil €565,280.00
5 Patrik Jaros Czech Republic €434,850.00
6 Kayhan Mokri Norway €334,480.00