Curacao Poker Cash Game Festival From Beautiful Island of Curacao | PokerPro Report 10 Jun

Our team is currently located in the Caribbean, on the tropical island Curacao, where the first of many future Curacao Poker cash game festivals is being played. We have prepared a short mid festival report on what has happened so far.
Players from basically all over the world came to the festival on this beautiful tropical island. From Germany, Serbia, the Netherlands, Norway to the whole of South America and even Slovenia. Each player is taken care of to have the best possible experience. Most of them are located in Dreams Resort, where they have an All-Inclusive experience, which means they can enjoy great food and drink throughout the day at no extra charge. Even in the poker room itself, drinks and food are free for all players and each of the staff works hard to ensure that each player enjoys as much as possible.

Curacao Poker Cash Game

On the first day of the festival, it was all a bit calm, as most of the players came from other parts of the world to come to this destination, so only two tables were played. On the second and third day, however, everything came to life and the tables were full. Here at the first festival, players have 4 tables available, where NLH, PLO5 and even PLO6 are played on blinds from 5/5 and all the way to 25/50. We can also expect an increase in the number of tables in the next events, as the demand for participation is growing.

Behind the tables we mostly find domestic recreational players from South America and also some better players from Europe, but overall the game is pretty wild, especially on PLO5 tables, which is still the most popular game in these parts.
For the staff and organization can be said that is excellent. The dealers are very professional, so the game goes very fast and the bar staff are circulating among the players all the time so there is never anyone thirsty.

Boat Trip for Curacao Poker players

On Wednesday, an exclusive trip was organized for all Curacao Poker players with two private speedboats that took the players around the island to the paradise Cas Abou beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world!

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If you are not here, you are missing a lot of beautiful moments. But don’t worry, as the announcement for the new Cash Game Festival, then on one of the neighboring islands, is coming up soon, so keep an eye on us so you don’t miss the opportunity to attend.