Daniel Negreanu Chips Away 3 More Buyins From Doug Polk's Lead 22 Dec

Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk enjoyed a 10-day break for the domestic part of WSOP Main Event, holidays and also a celebration of 32nd birthday for Doug!

Amazingly Doug dug up this crazy photo from his 21st birthday. It looks like the circle is complete 11 years later.

Well it seems that the break did better for Daniel as he wins another 3 buyins from Doug in session 20 of their HUNL Grudge Match, chipping away the lead one buyin at a time. Yesterday they've played 534 hands and Daniel was leading from the start to finish, winning back $117,962.28.

Of course, Polk still sits on a comfortable lead with +$696,327.92, but considering all-in EV done by PokerPro’s CoreySteel, Doug is "only" 8 buyins up while the pair closes to a midway point of the challenge. Daniel is running almost 10 buyins under EV in all-in spots before the river. Check the google spreadsheet with all the hands here.

At hand 12,500 there’s an option for an opt-out for the losing player, but there is almost zero chance either of the guys decide to quit. On the contrary, Negreanu even talked about extending the match.

They will play two more sessions this year, one on Wednesday the 23rd and one on Monday the 28th.

Photo credit: pokercentral.com