Daniel Takes the Lead in Session 5 of Grudge Match Against Doug Polk 14 Nov

Second winning session in a row for Daniel Negreanu, who takes the lead against Doug Polk after 1737 played hands. According to world wide web users, we don’t think anyone actually expected to hear these words again, especially after two strong online sessions from Polk, but here we are.

Session 4

Daniel’s upswing started in the middle of previous session when Doug was up about $350,000 already. Some lucky spots, a (bad?) bluff from Doug and Daniel turned it around winning $87k in session 4, bringing the lead down to $180,865.

Session 5

No six-figure hands this time, but still lots of action in two hours of play. So far Negreanu quit all the online sessions on the 2-hour mark, no matter if he was losing or winning big as today.

Doug is of course someone who would love to play longer hours and more tables, but Daniel has been super disciplined and maybe even trying to get under Doug’s skin a bit. Today he has won a big hand just before the session was over sitting out immediately after, making it look like a classic hit and run.

Watch some of the most interesting hands down below.

Daniel is up $25,916.87 after 1,737 out of 25,000 hands played. That means he is up less than a buy-in as the guys play $200/$400 with 100bb stacks. So yes, there will be some variance in this heads-up battle.

Grudge match continues Monday, starting at 2:30 PST / 5:30 EST / 23:30 CET.