Doug Polk Makes a $200,000 Bet With Bill Perkins To Lose Weight 24 Feb

Another huge bet has been confirmed between two poker high rollers. And of course it is not even about poker. A $200.000 bet by Doug Polk says that he will lose at least 50% of his body fat in one year.
Doug Polk and Bill Perkins have been known to make some unordinary bets in their career and this one is no different.

This time it is Doug Polk hoping to gain some muscle, probably before the start of the summer season and it only took a day for Perkins to notice it.

Polk has agreed an even money bet for $200,000 that he can lose 50% of his body fat within a year. He started the wager at 27.7% body fat according to a Dexa scan and he needs to get down to 13.85% body fat by February 10, 2023. Technically this is not a weight loss bet, as Polk could gain muscle to win it.
Polk has already come clean and annouced that he is hiring a personal chef, trainer and nutritionist to help him with the challenge.
As mentioned, Perkins is usually the person behind some of the biggest prop bets in poker today and was the man who had to pay out perhaps the most legendary weight bet in poker history. That was when Jaime Stapes lost 116lbs and Matt Staples gained 53lbs to weigh the exact same amount as each other in a year.

And we said pay out, because probably the most extreme $2 million weigh loss bet up to date between Mike Matusow and Ted Forrest where Forrest lost 48lbs in only 3 months was never paid out by "The Mouth".

We will update this article throughout the whole year and document Doug's journey getting ripped.