Doug Polk Ends Daniel’s 5 Sessions Winning Streak 14 Jan

Quite a roller coaster ride in round 27 of the Grudge Match between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu, which finished with Doug winning $119,609.84 and breaking Daniel’s streak of 5 wins in a row.

He was up the whole session, the peak being at +$176,000, but Daniel crawled back to losing less than a buy-in at some point of the day. Then some unfortunate key hands followed (according to Negreanu’s post-session interview) and Polk was up 3 buy-ins once again, pretty much eliminating his loss of $132k from Monday.

Saying that Daniel is still on the pace of winning 1 buy-in per session in this 2nd half of the challenge in his road to a comeback, but he must overcome a deficit of 15 buy-ins or $603,683.77. He is fairing much better in all-in EV adjusted winnings, losing “only” $360,047.84 there.

We can now proudly present some new features to our spreadsheet and that is winnings & all-in ev graph and bb/100 & all-in ev graph. You can check the document here:

So from all-in EV stand point of view, Daniel is losing only 5.65bb/100 over 15,850 hands, which is far less than many thought he would at this point of the match. We can remember people throwing 20bb/100 and more around, but it's also true he made a giant leap since his early days of HUNL.

Next session on Friday, January 15 starting at 2:30pm PT / 22:30 GMT / 23:30 CET.