Doug Polk Lost $200,000 Weight Loss Prop Bet Against Bill Perkins 18 Feb

Close, but no cigar. Doug Polk revealed weight loss prop bet result in his latest YouTube video and unfortunately for him, he didn’t make it. Last year Bill Perkins bet Polk $200,000 that he couldn’t lose 50% of his body fat in a years’ time, going from 27.7% to 13.85%. Well, he was right.

While Doug did get shredded and looks much healthier now, he was only able to get body fat down to 15.1%, which means he missed theh mark by about 3 lbs of fat.

He revealed in the video that his biggest problem was at the start when he employed wrong people to monitor over his food and fitness. In the first month and a half he didn’t see any progress, actually his results got even worse. It seems that with a good start and surrounding himself with the right personnel, he could've easily achieve set goal.

Both Doug and Bill are no strangers to prop bets and wagering huge amount of money. This was Perkins’ second year-long proposition bet, first prominent one being against Staples brothers, who had to get within one pound of each other’s weight worth $150,000. Jaime lost 115 pounds, while Matt gained 53 to meet each other at 188.3 lbs. for the win.