Doug Polk Offers Phil Hellmuth $1 Million if He Can Beat Him Heads-Up 12 May

High stakes heads-up challenges are still the biggest thing these days, and it appears as though another one may be brewing.

Earlier this week, Phil Hellmuth defeated Daniel Negreanu in their "High Stakes Duel" rematch. This put Hellmuth up 2-0 in their series of heads-up challenges.

Shortly following the conclusion of the Hellmuth/Negreanu rematch, the "retired" Doug Polk issued a challenge on Twitter to Hellmuth:

So, Polk is offering Phil Hellmuth a deal that should be almost impossible to refuse - the chance to earn a $1 million freeroll if "The Poker Brat" is able to come out on top of a 25,000 hand Challenge.

This would obviously be played online, which would certainly be to Polk's advantage. There is almost no chance that Hellmuth would agree to this under normal circumstances, which is why Polk decided to include the $1,000,000 freeroll.

This isn’t the first time, and it might not be the last, that Polk challenged Hellmuth to some good heads-up poker. However, the challenge isn’t likely to be accepted, mostly because Hellmuth isn't accustomed to grinding four-hour sessions online, day after day. He’s a live poker player who sticks to small sample size matches.

The one thing that makes it interesting, is the fact that Hellmuth retweeted Polk's challenge Tweet, which would seem to indicate that things may be going ahead.

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