Doug Polk takes everything back and them some in first online session against Daniel Negreanu 07 Nov

$116,500 lead that Daniel Negreanu made in 200 hands live vanished like a puff of smoke.

In the first online session of the Grudge Match Doug Polk won $218,293 in 424 hands played, which means that after 624 total hands he is up $101,793.

If we said that Doug got crushed in the first 200 hands, not sure what adjective should we use here. There were many questionable passive plays seen from Daniel yesterday, where he missed value bets or just check/called three times with top pair, while Doug played with constant aggression.

Of course, we shouldn’t be making any conclusions after only 2.5% hands played, even though a vast majority agrees that "Truck Driver" Polk is a big favorite here. How big is remained to be seen.

Next session will be played on Monday, November 9.

Livestreams as usual on GGPoker YouTube channel or DougPolkPoker YT / Upswing Poker Twitch channel. Depends on what (biased) commentary you want to join.

Replay of Day 1 Online


Doug Polk Poker

Photo Credit: PokerGO