Doug wins big after Daniel’s three in a row 09 Dec

7921 hands over 16 sessions have been played between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu in their NLHU Grudge Match and Doug is up by $674.000 after winning 4 buyins on Monday.

Daniel recorded three wins in a row (+$17,780.32, +$13,015.31 and +$46,581.88) in sessions 12-15, but unfortunately for him they were all on a small-ish side, where he probably should have won more but Polk did dodge a few bullets here and there.

Negreanu mentioned in his last interview on GGPoker’s stream that he is due for a "sunrun" session, where he’s going to win several thousand dollars just for the fact that he’s not running particularly great in general. We can’t know if that’s true, but at least all-in EV number agrees with him.

In the spreadsheet that we’ve made it’s clear that Daniel is running very poorly in all-in spots as he is currently $262,921.23 below all-in EV.

At the same time, Canadian started posting several funny videos breaking down some hands from the grudge match, pinpointing out Doug’s good run in several spots.

The guys will be back in action three more times this week – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday starting at 2:30pm PT / 22:30 GMT / 23:30 CET.

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