Doyle Brunson is Done Signing Autographs 30 Jul

If you have ever wanted Doyle Brunson’s autograph, but never got it, you’re out of luck unfortunately as Texas Dolly announced on Twitter he’s done signing autographs for "fans".

Autograph flippers have been a nuisance for decades in sporting world, chasing autographs from famous athletes the moment they step off the bus, wanting that inscription on their new jersey with tags still on or basketball in original packaging, just so that item later lands on eBay. And according to Doyle it seems there’s market for these in poker world as well.

We had a quick look on the marketplace and there’s about 60 items listed with Brunson’s autograph, prices ranging from $13.99 up to $400, depending on the item signed and condition of it. Last year an interesting item appeared on eBay, a signed "game worn" hat with an asking price of $4,999.99 handled by Andaman Auctions. Sadly, there’s no information what happened with the hat or if it ever was sold.

Ironically, if Godfather of poker stops signing autographs, they will be less accessible to real fans and thus drive the prices up on eBay listings and flippers will profit even more.

Due to doctor’s advice, 10-times bracelet winner isn’t active at the poker tables these days and has also skipped WSOP Main Event because of it. Instead, he’s firing shots on Twitter! The latest one directed to Lex Veldhuis stirred the poker twittersphere, where the two poker legends exchanged some friendly banter.

It’s good to see that soon-to-be 89-year-old Doyle is still in good spirits and we hope to see him back at the poker tables soon. And maybe, just maybe if you ask REALLY nice, you might still fetch an autograph from him.