Doyle Brunson’s 'Game Worn' Hat for Sale on eBay with $4,999.99 Asking Price 23 Jan

An interesting listing has appeared on eBay, a signed Doyle Brunson’s "game worn" (supposedly) straw cowboy hat with an asking price of $4,999.99, handled by Andaman Auctions.

According to the listing, hat was gifted to the seller in 2009 by Doyle Brunson for Mother’s Day, which was sent to the seller by a professional poker player Cyndy Violette. Quick google will show you that the two do know each other (not that this says anything).

Of course, there’s no actual proof that this hat was actually worn by Doyle and there’s also no autograph authentication of any kind, but the listing does include a weird image and description of a seller and Doyle being at the same New Year’s party in 2010 at Howard Lederer’s home. Well if that’s the case…

Famous Howard Lederer's 2010 New Year's party.

On a more serious note, Doyle’s signed hat sounds like a good piece of poker memorabilia, but the asking price of $4,999,99 is a bit steep. There is no deadline for the auction, but you could always "make an offer" on eBay.

Poker listings on eBay are not rare, but what people usually decide to sell are WSOP bracelets. The most famous of them being Peter Eastgate’s 2008 WSOP Main Event bracelet that he sold for $147,500 and donated all the proceedings to UNICEF.