Enrico Campanile Wins PGAT Panama Mystery Bounty Event 24 Feb

We’ve seen another exciting tournament at Poker Grand Adventure Tour (PGAT) in Sortis Casino, Panama, sponsored by PokerBROS as Mystery Bounty was one of the highlights of the week for many players.

144 players entered the event with $700 buy-in that set the prize pool at $92,160. It was intended as a single-day tournament, but organizers decided to put a pause the tournament with 17 players left, which came back on Wednesday to finish their business.

Italian Enrico Campanile was leading the pack with 547,000 chips stack, right behind him were Joel Brito with 508,000, Julio Lee with 496,000, and Sebastian Orjuela with 427,000. Rest of the field had less than 400,000 chips but everyone was already in the money, nonetheless.

It was the chip leader Enrico Campanile who was victorious at the end, beating Roberto Santos in the heads up. Trophy, $10,000 for first place and additional $14,000 from bounties for a total of $24,000 money prize for the Italian. Santos on the other hand won the most as he netted $33,000 from the tournament, thanks to the highest Mystery Bounty of $10,000.

PGAT Panama Mystery Bounty Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Enrico Campanile Italy $10,000
2 Roberto Santos Venezuela $6,060
3 Joel Brito Ecuador $4,000
4 Sebastián Orjuela  Colombia $2,500
5 Hristo Bogdanov Bulgaria $1,600
6 Tellisseth Ydlibi Venezuela  $1,200
7 Romel Mejias Venezuela $1,000
8 Morten Bremseth Norway $900
9 Jaime León Colombia $900