Espen Jorstad Starts Vlogging Behind The Scenes of High Stakes Poker Tournaments 21 Oct

Poker had many great World Champ ambassadors in the last decade or so, from then-recreational players like Chris Moneymaker to full-fledged pros like Koray Aldemir and then there are some that we’ve almost never heard from anymore after the win.

But the current 2022 champion might become the best Main Event winner ambassador ever! We are of course talking about Norwegian Espen Uhlen Jørstad. The easiest way for a poker professional, after winning a $10 million prize at World Series of Poker Main Event, would be to just lock himself indoors, continue to grind online poker and sail off into the sunset as many have done before him. However, that is not how Espen rolls. Quite the contrary.

Just recently he opened a new YouTube channel where he started sharing his poker adventures with us. This is definitely unprecedented and something we haven’t experienced before as there is no one who is vlogging behind the scenes of some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world. And we are talking up to $200,000 big.

"Hey, I'm Espen and I won the 2022 WSOP Main Event for $10,000,000! I'm the first Norwegian to win the world title, you should subscribe to hang out with me and my friends as we play the highest stakes poker in the world!" says the description on his channel. You’ve got yourself a new subscriber, Espen!

He starts the vlogs with a meetup with Adrian Attenborough, Australian poker pro who he beat in the heads-up of the Main Event and his first poker stop is in Florida at Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open. Jorstad then jumps into Hustler Casino Live for some cash games and later heads to Northern Cyprus, first for Mediterranean Poker Party and later for Triton High Stakes series, including the $200k invitational-only tournament.

First episode:

He is no stranger to having an audience and it shows in the videos. Espen used to stream quite regularly on his Twitch channel uhlenpoker but quit in 2019 in order to reach his full potential as a poker player, which is something you can’t really do when you’re streaming everyday for 10 hours. He was also a former Unibet Poker ambassador, playing mostly PL Omaha on the site. Nowadays he’s a member of Overbet Express, group of friends playing highstakes poker, betting on sports, talking crypto, and travelling the world.

His new vlogging videos are very well shot and produced, with a crisp image, have a nice pacing and are edited rather excellently. We are sure videos will get really popular and we hope they continue indefinitely, as viewers and regular poker fans are getting a glimpse into high stakes poker world, which is usually reserved only for the best of the best.

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