Events and Activities During $2M GTD Jackie’s Poker Tour in Panama 31 Jan

One of the largest poker events in Latin America will take place in Panama with a buy-in of $1,750 and $2,000,000 GTD prize pool at a Hotel Sortis Casino from February 15 to 26, 2023.

In this article we’re going to focus on all non-poker activities that you could attend during the two weeks stay. Team will be in Panama as well, so make sure to find us on the casino floor, have a chat with us and we’ll buy you a drink!

What can you do in your spare time?

Lots of activities are already confirmed during the festival such as:

  • Bowling tournament on Sunday, February 19
  • Padel tournament on Tuesday, February 21
  • Yacht party on Wednesday, February 22 at 10am
  • Eating contest on Wednesday, February 22 at 4pm
  • Soccer tournament on Thursday, February 23 at 10am
  • Electronic music party on Friday, February 24

All these events are included for poker players.

To have a premium experience in Panama, we’ll give you some additional guides on how to spend quality time outside of Sortis Casino. Panama offers you beaches, rivers, carnivals similar to Brazil, and of course nightlife in the old town Casco Antiguo and Calle Uruguay,. Around Sortis you can also find markets and shopping centers.

No need to rent a car, you only need a backpack

The most attractive destination might be Taboga Island and you can book your round trip beforehand or directly at Amador Causeway where ferries and yachts departure during the day. Departure times are from 8 to 12 and it’s best to make it a whole day trip to the island.

Trip from the city to Amador Causeway is around 30 minutes and additional 30 minutes with a ferry. It costs around $25 and you can bring beer, alcohol, coolers, and don’t forget to pack a sunscreen!

Top destinations for nature lovers

Panama is tropical paradise with many great destinations. Make sure to pack enough water to not get dehydrated when walking through the city on in the jungle.

Cerro Ancón (Ancon Hill)

If you want to explore nature without leaving the capital, Cerro Ancón is for you. We recommend bringing mosquito repellent, long sports pants, water, and preferably non-salty snacks to avoid dehydration.

Camino de Cruces

The Camino de Cruces is a stone road which dates back to 1530. It links old Panama City to the port of Venta de Cruces on the banks of the Rio Chagres. This hike will take you a whole day and a local guide is required. You can expect beautiful flora and fauna as this is one of the safest places in the country, protected by the Panamanian government. The park is made up of tropical forests, home to a wide array of jungle wildlife, as well as lakes and lagoons, wetlands, rivers and waterfalls. Take a walk along the park’s trails to spot titi monkeys, coatis, two- and three-toed sloths, feathered friends galore, and even two Panama Canal locks.


As this poker event is aimed at international poker community, it’s recommended to go on internal Panamanian trips with a plane. Renting a car is an option, but it will take you a whole day for a round trip.

Boquete is a charming, small, picture-postcard mountain town that caters to tourists throughout the year. The town is alive with the bright colors of the local flowers, trees, and shrubs. The hillsides are covered with coffee plantations and greenhouses. The Caldera River runs through the center of town, making it an attraction of its own. 

La silampa

You can only access La silampa by car or a bus. Amazing natural pool and waterfall, creek, warm water, and great views.

Guna Yala

Beautiful tropical paradise located 4 hours from Sortis casino. It’s advisable to go early to make it a pleasant day out and there are many agencies doing this tour.

Bocas del Toro 

Bocas del Toro Town, or just Bocas Town, is the capital of Bocas del Toro Province, in Panama. It’s a 12 hour buy drive away, so it’s recommended to take a plane instead.

Beaches are compared to Bahamas in its beauty and prices, which are on a more expensive side.

Restaurants and food recommendations

In Sortis Casino breakfast is not offered and you will have to find either a restaurant, or buy some fruits at a local marker such as bananas, apples, grapes.

There are two Peruvian restaurants near Sortis which are the best option, in the shopping centers you’ll find only fast food establishments. Close to Sortis is Rey supermarket, which can be reached by Uber or on foot.

The top breakfast in Panama range from $15 to $25 per person, or $3 to $5 on the street or McDonald’s.

For lunch and dinners, we don’t recommend eating fish on the strip as the quality is poor. Typical Panamanian food restaurants are the best, but there are only few of them.

If you have any more questions about Jackie’s Poker Tour or Panama in general, don’t hesitate to contact us here or follow us on social media.