Exclusive Interview With PokerBros Ambassador and Poker Vlogger PokerfaceAsh 14 Sep

If you like to watch some poker vlogs on Youtube, you may have came across Ashley or better known as PokerfaceAsh, whose Youtube channel is becoming increasingly more popular every day. She shows her poker journey through the eyes of a female poker player in a male dominated game, which is really refreshing to see. Not long ago she also became an ambassador for a very well known and respected poker app PokerBros. She took some time of her very busy schedule and had a short talk with our PokerPro.cc team.
First of all thank you for taking your time with this interview Ash. When and how did the decision came to start vlogging your poker games?
When I started playing poker I didn't know much but I had I passion for the game. I decided to start posting a little bit about my journey on Instagram. People started following because they loved seeing the come up and the grind. I developed a little bit of a following before my friends Andrew Neeme & Jaman Burton (two of the top poker vloggers in the world) convinced me to start a Vlog. They said, "you're pretty much already going it on your Instagram! Just put it on YouTube!" I was really hesitant at first because I felt my poker skills weren't adequate. However, within my poker journey I was missing the creative side of me which had taken a back seat. So it felt like a new way to be creative and share my experience with others. I'm glad I took their advice and went for it.

Your channel is growing nicely, do you get recognized more at the tables now?
I'll never forget walking into the Venetian poker room in Vegas after I had uploaded my 3rd vlog to YouTube. As soon as I walked in, a gentleman came up to me so excited and said, "Oh my gosh! You're Pokerface Ash! I'm a huge fan!" I was dumbfounded. But ever since then I don't think I've walked in to a poker room without being noticed. It's a cool feeling :)

As poker has a small percentege of female players, was it ever hard to sit at the tables full of men?
To get honest, I never looked at it like that. Going to a casino to play poker was intimidating enough. I didn't really take being a female as a factor. I notice it more and more now just because of the way certain men treat females at the table. But it doesn't bother me.

You recently joined the PokerBros Ambassador Team, what made you decide to get partnered with their team?
Ever since I started my poker journey I always wanted to be a sponsored pro that wore a patch. PokerBros seemed like a perfect fit because they want me to tour around playing tournaments and that's my passion! I love tournaments so it seems like an easy decision.

Do you also play any online games?

I don't play much online unless playing on PokerBros during my off time!
What do you enjoy doing besides poker? Any sports/hobbies?
I have so many hobbies and things I enjoy in life! I love writing music, playing the piano, playing video games (I stream gaming on twitch sometimes), cooking, trying new restaurants, studying poker, studying science, listening to podcasts, watching twitch, etc. There's so many amazing things in life to enjoy!

What do you have planned in the coming weeks/months as for your poker career?
Oh man, life has been a crazy roller coaster! The last few months I've been gone more than I have been home. I just recently moved from Phoenix to Dallas so I've been busy making that transition. I have poker vlogs coming out every week. I will be in Tunica Mississippi and Lake Tahoe California for some poker tournaments, I'm excited! I'll also be playing on a few livestreams at TCH Dallas and The Lodge in Austin!

About PokerBros
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PokerFaceAsh Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/PokerfaceAsh
Instagram: @pokerface_ash