Follow and learn from the partypoker’s Twitch streamers 23 Sep

Nowadays, beginners are looking for all sorts of free knowledge of poker online, and one of the best ways is to watch Twitch poker channels. In this article, we present you a part of the team from partypoker, one of the biggest online poker rooms.
Partypoker is lately putting a lot of focus on their stream team, and so we can say, without a doubt, they have one of the best, if not the best, online poker stream roster. If you have ever opened Twitch and searched for poker channels, we are sure you have seen some of those players.

Jaime Staples

One of the most known poker streamers is surely Jaime Staples, who started his streaming career back in 2015. Partypoker signed him on the 4th of May, 2019. The Canadian boasts with over 139,000 followers. His overall tournament winnings exceed the $1M mark, and he has lately specialized in the SPINS tournaments.
Twitch channel:

Jeff Gross

Jeff Gross started playing live poker at the local cash games, where he also built his poker bankroll. Up to know, he has earned over $3M in live tournament prizes, along with over $1,4M in online tournament prizes. He has joined the partypoker’s streaming team in March 2019.
Twitch channel:

Matt Staples

The youngest of the Staples brothers, Matt Staples, has begun his streaming career with a “Bankroll from $8 to $100k” poker challenge. He finished the challenge successfully in less than a year, by finishing 3rd in the Sunday Million tournament and winning $92,812. He is currently playing mid & high stakes tournaments.
Twitch channel:

Jordan Drummond

Jordan Drummond is the man behind BBZ Staking and Coaching, a company, whose goal is to provide financial and educational support to professional poker players looking to make their dreams come true. He has been a member of partypoker’s streaming team for over a year. He streams mostly high stakes MTT events.
Twitch channel:

Courtney Gee

The Canadian, Courtney Gee, has built her bankroll playing 18-man and 6-max tournaments, before shifting to hyper HU S&Gs. She has advanced most, when she discovered the Twitch platform, 4 years ago. She is extremely motivated to learn and improve, knowing there are hundreds of people watching her play poker.
Twitch channel:

Hristivoje Pavlovic

The Australian, Hristivoje Pavlovic, better known as ALLinPav, has started his poker career with a $400 bankroll on micro stakes. Later on, after playing thousands of hands and doing a lot of analysis, he has found his place at the MTT tournaments. His recent success goes to show his choice was right.

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