GG Network Launches Their New Side Betting on Flops Feature 04 Feb

Cash game players and grinders on GGNetwork (BetkingsGGpokerNatural82bet4win), now have an option to add a little spice to their games. The newly added option now allows players to bet on the color and structure of the flop.
If your ever watched some old school cash game tv shows like Poker After Dark or High Stakes Poker  and you were wondering what Phil Ivey was taking notes from every flop that was on the board, well now you have a chance to experience it on your own. It is generally a gamble since there is no skill involved, but it adds a lot of fun to the tables.

Players on all stakes have an option to place a bet before the hand starts if the flop will contain a Pair, Flush, Straight or even Straight Flush. The other option is simpler, it is only of the flop will be more red or black colored.

The amount that players can bet ranges between 1 and 100 big blinds of the table's stakes.

Players can place their bets in both $ and C$ and their winning will be paid in dollars.
The payouts and the Return to Player (RTP) percentages are shown in the table below:

Bet type Payout RTP
Two Red Cards 0.75:1 92.86%
Two Black Cards 0.75:1 92.86%
Pairred Flop 3.4:1 75.43%
Three Cards Same Suit 15.5:1 82.58%
Three Cards in Sequential Order 24:1 84.69%
Trips  167:1 78.86%
Straight Flush 167:1 78.86%