GGNetwork introduces the new SnapCam for video communication with other players at the table 08 Aug

GGNetwork is proving to us once again they are by far the fastest-growing poker provider in recent years. While the competition is being fairly idle, GG Network introduces an interesting novelty, SnapCam, a feature allowing a video communication with the other players at the table.

How does it work?

As the name suggests, SnapCam is similar to Snapchat, allowing a player to record a 15-second video to play to your competitors at the table. You need to click on the green SnapCam icon next to your emoji. Once you are done recording your video, you simply share it with the players at the table.

The feature, therefore, gives you the option to share the excitement at a win, or, on the other hand, express sadness when facing a bad beat. It is obvious that all racist, sexual, or other inappropriate content is not allowed to be shared through SnapCam, as well as it is not meant to harras your opponents.

More information

Snapcam is currently only available on the Windows devices, but will shortly be available for Mac OS and mobile phone users. The feature will be available on all cash games and tournaments, including Rush&Cash, Spin&Gold, and AoF games.
Up to four players may use the SnapCam feature at once. If the fifth player wishes to participate, he will have to wait in line.
If you wish to not receive the videos, you can simply opt-out by clicking the Mute (Helmet mode) button.

You also have the option to block a specific player under his profile.

In case you notice anyone abusing the SnapCam feature, you are always encouraged to write an email to GG support at

WSOP Online

GGNetwork is currently hosting the World Series of Poker Online series, along with numerous promotions, that will last until the end of August. Through these promotions, over 5 million dollars will be given away, and there will be something for everyone, as the promotions run both, on regular cash tables, as well as fast Rush&Cash tables. Even the Omaha and Short Deck enthusiasts haven’t been left out!
There will be $10.000 given away daily on the Spin&Gold tournaments and on the special All-In or Fold games.