GGPoker Introducing NFT Avatars 06 May

Cryptocurrencies and poker really go hand in hand as many poker players either use them to fund their poker accounts, make transfers, invest, or just straight up buy the latest crazed NFT out there.

But now poker world got another crossover with GGPoker introducing NFT avatars. That means you can show off your favorite Bored Ape, CryptoPunk, Cool Cat, Azuki, or any other NFT at the poker tables while playing on GG Network.

What is an NFT Avatar?

NFTs (short for Non-Fungible Tokens) are one of a kind digital asset you can own and prove your ownership via blockchain. You can buy (or sell) them online with cryptocurrency.

NFT avatars are usually made in pixelated format with a unique artistic trait in the same set, but each with a special feature so no two avatars are ever alike. On GGPoker they will be displayed in a hexagonal frame to set the apart from the usual avatars.

Why NFT Avatars?

Asking yourself, why would one even show something like that on the tables? When you think about it, it’s really no different as when poker players bring their swag to live poker tables – watches, chains, gold card protectors, diamond toothpicks, expensive designer brands, …

From diamond toothpicks to NFT avatars.

Now you can do the same at the online tables. Users will be able to click on the avatar to get more info about the associated NFT, including its price in ETH, name of the project, creators name and more.

To show your NFT avatar you will have to first connect your crypto wallet that is holding the NFT with GGPoker. Once connected select the desired NFT and set it as avatar.

If at any point, you transfer NFT used in your avatar out of the wallet or sell it, the hexagon shape will revert to a circle and no info details will be shown.

You might not particularly care about this new GGPoker’s addition, while others might think this is one of the best news of 2022. Doesn’t matter on which side you are, you have to appreciate GG’s drive to adding new and new features to their product, pushing the whole poker industry forward and connecting with crypto world.