Hollywood Actor James Woods and Lynda Tran Win in Partners Mixed Event at LAPC 10 Feb

Legendary Hollywood actor James Woods and a mixed game specialist Lynda Tran teamed up for 30th Anniversary LAPC at The Commerce in a $600 Partners H.E.R.O.S event and the duo took it down among 19 registered teams.

Woods is a regular at Los Angeles Poker Classic tournaments and this is actually his third win in last years. First came in 2016 at $1,100 O8 for $21,065 and second one three years later at $570 Triple Draw Event for $7,560. This time he and Tran each got $1,700 for their achievement.

Earlier in the series, 75-year-old Woods recorded two final table appearances with 5th place at $400 B.E.A.S.T. event and 7th place at $400 T.O.E. tournament, showing some good form.

Three-time Emmy Awards winner, Golden Globe winner and two-time Oscar nominee is an avid poker player who prefers mixed games events and started playing poker before the boom with Chris Moneymaker’s win. His best WSOP result is 5th place in 2018’s $1,500 Dealer’s Choice event.

Tran’s best career result is 2nd place at last year’s WSOP, where she finished as a runner-up to Daniel Strelitz in $1,500 Razz event for $71,527.

LAPC 2023 Event #45 $600 Partners H.E.R.O.S Final results

Place Players Prize
1 James Woods & Lynda Tran $3,400
2 Robert Turner & Larry Ziman $3,390
3 Henry Ferguson III & Jorge Alba $1,750
4 Kathy Chang & Daniel Geyser $1,150