How Did Poker Streamers Do During the WCOOP 2022? 04 Oct

What is WSOP for live poker players, it’s WCOOP for online as one of the most coveted prizes in all of poker, now running for 21st season on PokerStars. Players need to show their best during three weeks of non-stop action, but as we know variance of tournament poker is huge.  

So, let’s see how some of our favorites poker streamers over Twitch Poker did in WCOOP 2022.

Lex Veldhuis

Lex is not having a great poker year unfortunately. As told by the main himself, he is in a big downswing that stretches almost 10 months now. He finished SCOOP 2022 in May down $80,000 and he didn’t do much better in WCOOP being down tens of thousands of dollars once again. He has been very open about his results and told his viewers on stream that his downswing reached -$300,000 while incredibly still having a positive winrate in terms of chips ev!

After he was knocked out of the last tournament in this year’s WCOOP, he said: "It’s very bitter-sweet ... It feels like an end of a big period." Of course, sweet being because he’s expecting a baby girl with his wife and moving to a new house, and bitter as he has some thinking to do about everything related poker. Lex is even contemplating of switching from Twitch to YouTube streaming, something that would be unimaginable just a year ago or so but feels totally realistic at this point with all the Twtich drama going on.

We wish him all the best and we know his loyal fans will follow him wherever he will go.


Rayan is absolutely killing it lately. After he took 2 months off from poker to enjoy summer and getting married to the love of his life (big congrats for that!), he returned to the online poker tables and his Twitch channel beriuzy for the last few weeks of WCOOP 2022.
And in just 10 days, he won THREE WCOOP titles!

His wins:

  • Event 59-H: $2,100 NLHE [Turbo] for $57,609
  • Event 89-H: $2,100 NLHE [Turbo, Progressive KO] for $76,348
  • Event 99-H: $2,100 NLHE [Super Tuesday] for $79,450

After the incredible run Beriuzy also announced on Twitter he’s now part of GGPoker Team Canada. If you like what you see in highlight video above, check him out on Twitch for more.

Fintant “Easywithaces” Hand

Another PokerStars Team Online member didn’t have the best month and that’s Fintan Hand. He finished WCOOP 2022 down about $35,000. "I’m not to worried about money," said easywithaces in his last stream. "I struggled a lot this series, physically and mentally from sleep deprivation."

He got his act together in final week but was distracted by attending a wedding which disturbed his momentum. As he said before, he’s in his best form when he’s in consistent groove, streaming 6 or 7 days per week and just taking few days of in between can mess up that.

In October Fintan is expecting to stream at least 20 days out of 30, so we’re sure we’ll see plenty of him at the top of Twitch Poker Category.


It’s not too hard to follow Spraggy’s result as he usually puts buy-ins and cashes on his stream layout, which might be a bit questionable move during a big series like WCOOP when payouts are so top heavy and just one result can totally swing your totals in other direction, while you’re seemingly down "a lot" just moments before. Saying all that, we’re sure his fans appreciate the fact he’s so open about his results and frankly, so are we.

When you finish WCOOP in green numbers, then you know you had a good series, even if that means $8,691 win with staggering $136,272 in buy-ins! Just to show how important is to run good during COOPs because a player like Ben would need months of play on stream to put in hundred thousand of dollars in buy-ins in "off months".


Parker Talbot didn’t play much of WCOOP 2022, but in the days he did play, he cashed in a lot of tournaments, but unfortunately didn’t turn up a profit at the end. He came close to winning another WCOOP title but came up short in Event 23-H: $1,050 Razz where he finished as runner-up to gangstachel9 fo4 $14,700, while Russian pocketed $22,750. "Forever a bridesmaid, never a bride," said Parker.

He had to miss the last part of the series and was coming for the Main Events, which was canceled and postponed due to DDoS attack. Never lucky.

Kevin Martin

We don’t know exactly how the series went with Kevin Martin, but we invite you to watch his “rant” he posted on Twitter after an emotional stream.

Papo MC

A rapper/MC turned poker star Alejandro "PapoMC" Lococo also streamed some of his WCOOP 2022 adventures. He made a final table of $5,200 World Championship PKO, finishing 9th for $19,388 and was 5th in $55 Bounty Builder out of 2514 entries.

We don’t understand a word, but it seems to get people fired up.