Hungarian Sándor Maté Champion of WPT Prime Slovakia 19 May

The inaugural WPT Prime Slovakia Main Event has crowned its first champion. It was Sándor Maté who emerged victorious in Card Casino, Bratislava, and took home €109,660 for the win and a €12,500 WPT Passport package for WPT World Championship.

Polish Szymon Bujok, who came to the final table as a chip leader, was closely followed by Maté and Marco Niederdeppe. Bujok didn’t have the best day as he got out of the last day way less than he probably expected when he hit the rail in 6th place. German Niederdeppe was the one giving him another bad beat.

When there were three players left, Hungarian Sándor Maté got into the lead, which he never let go. He already had more chips than Niederdeppe and Dmitry Lineburg combined, and when he eliminated Israeli, he started heads-up with a 3:1 chip lead.

Only nine hands were needed for Maté to finish what he had started. First, he knocked down German to only 12 big blinds and then waited for an opportunity when Niederdeppe pushed all-in with Q8 and was dominated by Sándor’s KQ.
Board came 774 4 5, and it was all over for the inaugural WPT Prime Slovakia.

Congrats to Sándor Maté!

2023 WPT Prime Slovakia Main Event Results

Position Player Country Prize
1 Maté Sándor Hungary €109,660
2 Marco Niederdeppe Germany €64,700
3 Dmitry Lineburg Israel €47,600
4 Giovanni Ursoleo Italy €35,400
5 Tal Herzog Israel €26,600
6 Szymon Bujok Poland €20,300
7 Elliot Thomas Ward Scotland €15,600
8 Ondřej Drozd Czech Republic €12,100
9 Patrik Židek Czech Republic €9,500

WPT Mystery Bounty goes to Pavel Heger

If the Main Event couldn’t crown a Czech-Slovakian champion, Pavel Heger secured a Czech win on the last day of WPT Prime Slovakia in the Mystery Bounty event. Everything went according to his plan, and he cruised through the final day like a knife through butter.

Besides the prize money for the final win, Heger also opened the biggest envelope with a €10,000 bonus. Thanks to one of the seven eliminations, he took home a total of €16,000 in mystery bounties.

2023 WPT Prime Slovakia Mystery Bounty Results

Position Player Country Prize Bounty Total Prize
1 Pavel Heger Czech Republic €18,200 €16,000 €34,200
2 Zsombok Elod Hungary €17,000   €17,000
3 Jaromír Háněl Czech Republic €9,500 €5,500 €15,000
4 Michael Andy Graf Germany €6,600   €6,600
5 Vincze Baranyi USA €4,800   €4,800
6 Josef Antoš Czech Republic €3,600   €3,600
7 Maksym Ronshyn Ukraine €2,900   €2,900
8 Martin Ilavský Slovakia €2,400 €7,500 €9,900
9 Elöd Zsombok Hungary   €2,000 €2,000